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Terms of Use


1. LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION, hereinafter LDFA, a Private Membership Association DBA, agrees to provide you (the "Member") a service that enables the Member to use our services to:

A. Store value in silver, gold, copper or other commodities kept in the care of LDFA and convert the same to USD or other National Currency on demand, which value is represented by DIGITAL CREDITS accounted against stored commodities as security value, and

B. To send and receive DIGITAL CREDITS provided the said security value is available in the respective accounts.

C. To enter into TERM DEPOSIT AGREEMENTS with LDFA which will earn 8%-18% Annually.

D. To Exchange DIGITAL CREDITS for COMMODITY-BASED WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS (Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, etc.)

E. To Exchange DIGITAL CREDITS for ONE-OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER LIBERTY ROUNDS or other .999 fine silver

2. Members LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION Members exercise their lawful freedoms as Private Citizens and Individuals to contract with one another for the purposes and services provided within this Association, and hereby acknowledge that Silver Liberty Rounds may only be used as monetary instruments in transactions occurring between known and confirmed Members.

3. General - Any and all claims or disputes relating to the Association or its services shall be resolved by binding arbitration, and Member hereby agrees to abide by the judgment of the arbitrator.

4. In the event that your account is permanently frozen for any reason, it will remain so for a maximum of 90 days to clear against any chargebacks, after which the entire remaining balance of your account will be redeemed to you in silver, USD or Warehouse Receipts at the address on file with us.

5. Nature of the Service - This service is offered and provided by this Association for the express purpose of allowing you, the Member, to preserve your spending power by providing a means whereby you can hold value in .999 fine silver bullion that can be resold to LDFA on demand or redeemed in physical silver or Warehouse Receipt form, and to enable you to send and receive DIGITAL SILVER credits and to exchange said DIGITAL SILVER credits with other Members. You agree that your DIGITAL CREDITS are Negotiable Digital Warehouse Receipts for all of the silver you purchase from LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION, the terms of which are contained herein. LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION maintains a supply of silver sufficient to coduct its day to day operations.

6. Silver Pricing- LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION sells .999 fine silver bullion which will be stored securely with us or one of our associated companies for you at a price equal to the current spot price plus a standard premium of $1.00 PER TROY OUNCE.

7. Negotiable Digital Warehouse Receipt - Your DIGITAL CREDIT Account PROVIDED BY LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION constitutes an aggregate Negotiable Digital Warehouse Receipt certified by LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION, and issued or reissued upon the date when you purchase silver, gold, copper or any other commodity into your Account, which metal or commodity is owned by you and stored in our warehousing facility or at another location contracted to LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION, said metal being valued by our mutual agreement at the current spot price of each metal at any given time. The enumerated Total Dollar Value Balance of your account indicates precisely, by dividing said Balance by the spot price displayed, the total number of ounces (or fractions thereof) of .999 fine silver bullion and/or copper owned by you;

8. LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION maintains the DIGITAL CREDIT System as a means of enabling you to monitor the total value of your account, as well as providing you with the ability to electronically convey title to your silver to other parties, and will remit to the Account Owner (Bearer)in receipt of title from you by virtue of transfer from your DIGITAL CREDIT Account to theirs, upon demand, silver, Warehouse Receipts or National Currency equal to the amount of said transfer, less any applicable fees;

9. LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION offers TERM DEPOSIT AGREEMENTS to its Members Only, wherein Members may designate a portion of their Silver for use by LDFA. Depending on the specific use, the Member earns between 8% and 18% Annual Return for as long as the TERM DEPOSIT remains.

10. LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION will repurchase your silver at any time for the current spot price by transferring to your PayPal, Bank or other Registered Account, or by mailing a check to you at your registred mailing address, USD in the amount of the total purchase, immediately upon notification of your desire to resell your silver back to us. LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION will also provide to you upon demand any or all of your silver bullion, or Negotiable Warehouse Receipts for same, subject only to minting, manufacturing and shipping costs.

11. Your use of the DIGITAL CREDIT System indicates your agreement with all of the foregoing, and your acceptance of the Service Agreement between You and LIBERTY DOLLAR FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION.

Members may redeem physical silver in the form of One Ounce Silver Liberty Rounds, depending on availability, at any time on demand, and it is understood that the same will be delivered in as timely a manner as possible, subject only to backlogs and availability.