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Fees and Pricing

Our fees are low because we want you to love Liberty Dollars.

Silver Ounce Wallet

Silver Premium: $3 per ounce.

Redeem Silver: You can redeem up to 20 ounces per month without any additional fees except for Shipping and Insurance. Redemptions above 20 ounces will incur a $5 minting fee per ounce, along with Shipping and Insurance. There will be no minting fee on the first 20 ounces.

PayPal Fee: To cover PayPal and Credit Card fees, we charge 3.5% plus $.35.

Deposit Fees: $0

Returned Check/ACH Fees: $30.00 per check.

Incoming Wire Fee: $30.00

Bill Payment (Mailed Check) Fee: $3.00

Digital Transaction Fees:

Send Silver: $0

Request Silver: $0

Mailed Check Withdrawal Fee: $5.00

ACH and PayPal Withdrawal Fee: $5.00


Payment Button/Shopping Cart Fees/Woocommerce Plugin (Donate, Subscription and Purchase): 5% of Total Sale



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