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Liberty Dollar Solutions To Money Problems

The Liberty Dollar is the most stable solution to many of the financial problems we face today.

Liberty Dollars Are Private Money

LDFA is a Private Membership Association
According to US Law per the Supreme Court, Members of a PMA may contract among themselves freely, without government regulation and interference. You can use Liberty Dollars as money in your private transactions.

Private Money For Private People

PMA Protects Its Members
A PMA is not required to reveal any information about its Members. This does NOT mean, however, that being a Member absolves you of responsibility for taxes or other government regulations to which you may be subject.

Private Money Is The Future

Inflation Destroys Personal Wealth
Liberty Dollars preserve your spending power and help your family to thrive no matter how badly the economy may suffer from the ravages of inflation and rampant government spending. Your money will grow and retain your spending power.

Liberty Dollars Beat Inflation

The Value-Holding Power of Silver Preserves Your Spending Power Inflation is coming, and it's unavoidable. Keeping your money in silver means keeping your spending power, as the price of silver rises along with all other commodities.

Liberty Dollars Build Wealth

The Rising Price Of Silver Means Your Value Is Secure Whether you are saving for retirement, for a major purchase or just for a rainy day, keeping your money in a Liberty Dollar Term Deposit Account means building more value for the future.

Manage Your Liberty Dollars

With Our Smartphone Apps and Secure Website. Pay your bills from your account, sell silver back to us at any time, or use the Point-Of-Sale functions to accept Liberty Dollars in your store, office, at home or anywhere else.

Use The Liberty Dollar

For Your Savings

The Power Of Silver
Silver preserves your spending power like nothing else can, and means your savings literally grow. Don't allow inflation to steal away your wealth in its invisible taxation.

For Your Peace Of Mind

Sound Money Means Sound Sleep
You can rest easy, knowing that as a Member of LDFA, your money is as sound as it can ever be, safely secured in .999 fine silver bullion that will last.

For Your Business

Private Money Means Private Business
Using the Power of Silver in a Private Membership Association means working in a new market with new kinds of business built on Privacy and Honesty.

Here's a bit of History of the Liberty Dollar


We Are The Liberty Dollar®

The Liberty Dollar Financial Association (LDFA) is based on nearly fifty years of monetary research and the culmination of three years of designing, developing and testing a market-driven monetary model by Bernard von NotHaus, with Kathy and Wayne Hicks.

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I am glad that Liberty Dollar Financial Association (ldfa) has come along. I have been looking for some place where I can hold silver in an account or hold the real silver in my hand from the same source. I find this in LDFA. An extra benefit is the ability to convert the silver to other fiat currencies. I may never use this benefit but I have it if I need to. I am looking for like minded individuals to share this idea with.


 As an adolescent I was intrigued by the coin collections of my family and friends, so I started my own. Then I found the American Liberty Dollar and saw what happened to Bernard, but about three (3) years ago I started working on bringing back a metals backed currency. I reached out to Bernard von NotHaus for his blessing, and he connected me with Wayne & Kathy Hicks. I've been working with Bernard, Wayne & Kathy ever since.


Truly outstanding!
That's the folks at LDFA and the Liberty Network. From the friendly, knowledgeable and professional support staff to all the financial features and benefits of being an LDFA member, you just can't find anything remotely comparable. They help me to protect, save and even make money with pure silver and that's got me excited for the future. The Liberty Network is not only a social platform for free speech but a hub for business, education, entertainment and so many other opportunities. I would say that you just have to check it out yourself.

The World Has Changed In Ways
We Never Imagined

The Coming Hyperinflation and Monetary Reset Will Destroy Your Spending Power

The Liberty Dollar is now, and has always been, the greatest means of preserving your personal wealth.

Using the power of Silver to maintain parity with other commodities, you can protect your money from the coming economic disaster. As a Member of the Liberty Dollar Financial Association, you can use Sound Money while the rest of the world is foundering in a sea of insolvency and value-less currency.

Open Your LDFA Account Today