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Pam Pinto,

45 Water Street, Torrington, 06790 CT

About Me

Tired of feeling sick & tired? Want to learn how food is truly your medicine? Confused about vitamins, nutritional supplements and what you might be deficient in? Nutrition is my "expertise" and as founder and owner of Act Natural Health & Wellness I am able to guide you in your journey to wellness. Want to taper off a prescribed medication, I have education in that subject and can help educate you to take back your body, your brain and your life! Visit on, click on "Life on Benzos" to read the horrific journey I traveled with my mom you was prescribed "the cocktail". I was able to safely and successfully taper her and many others from mind altering medications. As a "reformed" vegetarian/vegan of almost 35 years I can help shed the light on the importance of gut health, supplementation and why you can go "crazy" with a B12 deficiency.