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The All New Liberty Dollar!

Coming up in the next few days, you’re going to see some changes in our website, and I want to explain how these new changes will affect your account. Our goal is to make LDFA easier to understand and use, for everyone, so this article is intended to tell you just how the changes will benefit you and everyone else.

First, there will no longer be separate wallets for your Silver/USD Value and Liberty Dollar accounts. There will be one wallet, and you’ll be able to do everything from that single wallet.

When you log in and go to your account, you’ll see three balances on the page. First, you’ll see your Liberty Dollar balance, which is calculated by multiplying the number of Ounces of Silver you own by $30. This gives you a ten percent boost in spending power with Merchants who accept Liberty Dollars.

Next, you’ll see your Silver Ounce balance, showing the number of ounces you own. and the total USD Value of your account, based on the number of ounces multiplied by the SPOT price displayed on the site.

Of course, you’ll still see your TD Account Balances on the left side of the page, if you have money in one of them. These are still calculated in USD Value for convenience.

What this means is that you will no longer need to Switch Wallets; you will have access to all of your Silver Holding and Liberty Dollars through your main account. Transactions that require Liberty Dollars will automatically be done in Liberty Dollars; transactions that require USD Value will automatically be done in USD.

Here are some of the other changes you will see:

When you log into your account, you’ll immediately see a graph that shows your account activity in a visual format. This will help you to see just how your account is doing and may let you see new ways to make or save money.

When you send a payment to another Member through your Digital Account, it will go out in Liberty Dollars rather than USD Value. The same applies when you Request money from another Member; you’ll be paid in Liberty Dollars into your account. You’ll even be able to request money from non-Members, who will then be able to pay the amount you are billing them with a credit or debit card through PayPal, but you’ll still receive it in Liberty Dollars in your account.

When you want to Redeem Silver, to get the coins in your own possession, you’ll pay for them with Liberty Dollars: $30 LD for each ounce you order, which means a reduction in your USD balance of $27, but there will not be any additional fees other than postage/shipping (no more minting fees). The same applies to the LD Warehouse Receipts (Silver Certificates); you’ll pay $30 LD for each ounce worth of Certificates you order, again drawing only $27 per ounce from your USD Value.

When you Buy Silver, you’ll see all three balances increase based on the amount of silver you have purchased.

When you request a cash withdrawal, we’ll buy back the silver based on your Silver Ounce USD Value. If you want to withdraw $100, your USD value will decrease by $105.00, and you’ll receive $100 USD. The additional $5 is our standard withdrawal fee. Your Liberty Dollar balance, however, will decrease by about $114.50, because of the ten percent discount you get on Liberty Dollars.

When you set up a Bill Payment, this is also done through your USD Value, so that the check we send out on your behalf will reflect the actual amount in USD that you want to pay.

We’ve now eliminated the monthly fee for the Food Co-op, which is expanding into our Liberty Dollar Store. We’ll be adding more and more items over the next year, so take a look at it often. And if you have a product you want to sell for Liberty Dollars, we’ll be glad to help you post it on the store!

And speaking of the Store, you might want to check out our New Year’s Sale! All of our canned veggies are on sale for the month of January, so you can get a good stock at much lower than you’ll pay at any local grocery store!

If you haven’t noticed our Marketing tab, please check it out. The cards you can print out there are excellent for introducing Merchants to the Liberty Dollar. If you go into a small business, offer to pay them with Liberty Dollars; if they decline, give them one of these cards that gives them several good reasons to accept LD, and has the URL of a website ( that tells them a lot more. That site even has a copy of the Liberty Merchant Handbook so they can read about all the ways Liberty Dollars will benefit their business and their community.

And that’s not all, as they say. We’re looking for Liberty Merchants all over the USA, so we’ve come up with an idea to help motivate all of our Members to get out there and talk to your local small businesses. What this means is that every time you get a new Liberty Merchant to sign up, you’ll not only earn all the usual referral commissions, you’ll also get a Special Bonus: one full ounce of silver will be deposited into your account!

All you have to do is sign them up as a new Member like usual, then encourage them to register as a Liberty Merchant. If they (or anyone you have referred in the past) do, a full ounce of silver will be deposited to your account! That’s a $30 LD value that’s all yours, just for showing Merchants why Liberty Dollars are good for their business, their customers and their community!

We are so grateful for all of our Members and the work we’re all doing to help bring back Sound Money for everyone we can. Keep up the good work, gang, and let’s spread the word, changing the world one Liberty Dollar at a time!

Wayne and Kathy Hicks

Jan 06, 2023