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Some Exciting New Changes

According to many sources available online today, some food shortages are likely to become the norm, at least through 2023, and not least because of so many cannery and food production facility fires that have mysteriously occurred. At LDFA, we had created the Cubits Currency Program as a way to help fight these shortages and make sure our Members have access to the basics: canned vegetables and freeze-dried or canned meat products.

While all of us need these things, however, the Cubits Program has proven less than successful, and so we’re now going to suspend it in favor of something better.

What we’re going to do instead of the Cubits Program is start the LDFA Food Co-op, and we’re welcoming Branden Stratton as the Food Co-op Manager. There is a new page in the Liberty Dollar Wallet where you can join the Co-op for only $10 a month and then buy all of our food items at cost with Free Shipping (minimum order is one case/12 items). Larger orders can also be shipped, and we have our own truck and trailer available to deliver to our Branch Offices that choose to act as distribution points. If you want to place an order large enough to justify us bringing it to you, just contact us for special pricing and cost of delivery. If you have any questions, you can reach Branden by email ( or by phone Mon-Thurs 9 AM – 5 PM at 843-898-6019.

The Cubits Savings Account, which was set up to help us keep our stock of food items full, will continue as a Term Deposit (TD) Account in the Silver Ounce Wallet, and will continue to pay 3% interest on deposits to that account. It is now called “Food Co-op Savings” and your current deposits to that account have been recalculated into Silver Ounces/USD Value. The interest will continue to be compounded monthly.

If you have a Cubits Wallet balance, it will be returned to your Silver Ounce Wallet as USD Value by Monday, December 12th. We will be suspending the Cubits Wallet right after that is completed.

Here’s an idea: Some of the Members I have spoken to about this program are setting up local co-ops of their own, PMA’s that accept local members for a small fee, and then sharing the savings with them. This can be a good way to add a little extra income if you need it and have a large enough list of family and friends to share with.

To find the Food Co-op, go to This is a single page in the Liberty Dollar Wallet where you can place orders for the items you want, and they’ll be shipped out within two business days. You can buy an entire case of one item or mix and match; in either case, you’re going to be buying at our cost, which is significantly lower than what you’d pay at most grocery stores.

You’ll also be able to buy our freeze-dried meats, which are purchased from non-chemical sources and freeze-dried in our own facility. Beef, pork, chicken and more are now available on the Co-op, as well as our MREs.

And just so you know that we believe in our own currency, all of our Food Co-op pricing is in the new Liberty Dollars, so you’re saving an extra 10% when you exchange to Liberty Dollars to buy the food products. And, if you accept Liberty Dollars in your own local co-op, you have a great chance to build your downline and earn commissions on top of the membership fees you charge, while building Liberty Dollar presence in your local community.

We hope all of you will find this Food Co-op exciting and useful, and find items you want and enjoy.

And by now most of you have noticed the new Liberty Dollar Wallet, using Bernard’s original business model of setting a Base Value to an Ounce of Silver and using it to back Warehouse Receipts that are denominated in their legitimate Dollar Value according to that base. We offer these Liberty Dollar Silver Certificates in that Wallet, along with a new Marketing Program to help Merchants see their value to local businesses. This Marketing Program allows you to print out special cards/notes that will give Merchants several reasons to accept Liberty Dollars, a link to a special website ( that explains them in greater detail and even allows them to print out our Liberty Merchant Handbook. You can find the cards at and they can be printed out on plain paper or card stock right from the website.

Your Silver Ounce Wallet is still useful, especially for those who want to keep some of the USD secured by Silver as a hedge against inflation. This Wallet shows you the USD Value of the silver you have there, and allows you to use our Bill Payment System to send checks to pay bills when necessary. You can deposit money by buying silver and you can withdraw your money from this Wallet at any time via ACH or PayPal.

We’re doing our part to help Americans and others survive the horrible changes that are happening to the world around us. Please help us spread the word to everyone you can.

Dec 09, 2022