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Kevin Sorbo Error Coins

A couple of days ago, I posted a notice that all of the Special Edition Kevin Sorbo Liberty Dollar coins were minted with an error: the word "Financial" was spelled incorrectly.

Since that time, I've had dozens of requests to buy these error coins, because an error piece is something special in the numismatic world where coin collectors live.

If you are interested in purchasing some of these coins, please send me an email stating how many you would like to buy and how much you want to offer. I am not sure that we want to sell very many of them, but bear in mind that these may eventually be worth more than the perfect coins that are now in the works to be reminted.

As a reminder, we have abouut 350 of the Serially Numbered coins, and almost 2000 without serial numbers, but I do not think we want to sell all of them. Please email me at with how many you want and what you're willing to give for them.



Sep 02, 2022